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Your NAET® Treatments


Your therapist is a qualified Nutritionist and Advanced NAET® practitioner and offers both nutritional advice and allergy treatments during each consultation.

Instructions to Patient further explains the method and technique used to identify and eliminate your allergies and symptoms. It also provides guidelines to follow preceding, during and following your treatments.

As soon as your first appointment has been made, your practitioner will either send you a Patient Medical Questionnaire or you can print one out by following the link above.  Please complete this form to your best ability and bring it with you to your first appointment. 

During the first consultation, your practitioner will review your medical history and symptoms and take details of your vital signs. 

Unless you are disabled, heavily pregnant or severely obese, you will be asked to lie down on a couch.  In the case of the very weak, anaphylactic patients, infants and small children a surrogate may be used.

Applied Kinesiology is the technique used for testing allergies.  It involves measuring muscle strength while in contact with an allergen.  This is an extremely reliable and precise method and offers the advantages of an holistic approach because it can determine whether the allergy in question is imprinted in the body at a physical, physiological or emotional level (or a combination of all three).


Before any testing begins, your therapist will temporarily balance your body and make sure that she has permission to test and treat you.


The allergen sample used for NAET® treatments is a specially formulated liquid solution contained in a hermetically sealed glass vial.  This is held in one hand while the opposite arm is raised to a 90˚ angle.  As you hold each vial, your practitioner will test the muscle strength on a physical, physiological and emotional level, noting in which organs the weakness occurs.  Up to 100 allergens will be tested in the first visit, depending on the severity of your current medical conditions.


Once the testing is complete, you will receive your first treatment - Brain Balance Formula (BBF).  You will be asked to turn over onto your stomach and hold the vial in one hand. 


The next procedure will involve even pressure being applied down the back one and half inches either side of the spine.  This stimulation will be received by the brain enabling it to correct its perception of the allergen. Your practitioner will instruct you to take a deep breath in and hold it while she stimulates your sympathetic nervous system.  The procedure will be repeated with empty lungs, panting and then moving the slightly further out from the spine, the technique is applied one last time with normal breathing.


Your practitioner will then ask you to turn over on to your back to retest your muscle strength on all levels.  If this proves to be strong, the gates (acupressure points on the meridians) will be stimulated and then you will be able to rest for 20 minutes while continuing to hold the allergen. 


 At the end of the rest period, the muscle strength is tested again and you will be asked to either wash your hands or rub them together vigorously to remove the imprint of the allergen from your hands. From this time the 25 hour avoidance begins.  The new messages will now be permanently imprinted in the brain provided you follow certain precise rules during the avoidance period.


This “reprogramming” constitutes the core part of the NAET® methodology, and this theory has been extensively verified for more than fifteen years with highly satisfactory, long lasting results.


On your follow up visit, the previously treated allergen will be retested and a new one treated.  Occasionally, combinations may be required depending on the severity of the allergy.


After the treatment, the incompatibility or clash of energies, disappear completely and there will be no trace of allergy, sensitivity or intolerance when you next come into contact with the substance.  This is because NAET® treats the cause of the allergy not the resulting symptoms.


 The NAET® method does not reject or disparage any other form of medical practice nor does it interfere with any other type of treatment.  It can be considered a complementary method to all other therapies and performed safely performed in conjunction with them.


NAET Consultation and first treatment 60 mins £     75.00
NAET Treatments (block of 6 treatments) 45 mins each £ 325.00